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Facebook – Gimme Shelter Summer Solstice Wine Walk
15 August, 2014

Get ready for some Fun enjoying Wine,Food and Music !!! Tribute band Mick and the Stones, Last year was such a success at the Carnival and I thank everyone! We now have 3 houses for transitional housing, What gives You more joy in your hearts to know that the money you gave really made a difference. Lets do it again! I will have more information this week !

Facebook – Gimme Shelter Carnival
15 August, 2014

Today I gave Wild Iris $12,000 this is only the beginning! You can still keeping your donations coming just go to for more information. Thank you everyone for your help and lets do it again next year! I will be replacing this poster with the new one very Soon.
Keep you all in the loop

Facebook – Gimme Shelter Carnival
8 August, 2014

Getting ready to go on the KMMT radio station in Mammoth Lakes to announce to Wild Iris the donation I will be giving to start the Gimme Shelter funding process, Tune in on Friday August 15 at 10:15!!! Donations are always welcomed, go to for information on where to mail your donation, and the carnival is coming back next summer!

The Sheet – Gimme Shelter carnival to debut July 10
by Katie Vane — 27 Jun, 2014

Two years ago, Mammoth resident Donna Richards learned about a little-known need in Mono and Inyo Counties. “I met [Wild Iris Director] Susi Bains at my Reiki Studio,” she recalled; “we were talking, and she told me how there was no domestic violence shelter in Inyo or Mono Counties.”

Bains’ revelation sparked Richards’ imagination, and two years later, Richards succeeded in bringing together the first annual “Gimme Shelter Carnival” to raise funds for a domestic violence shelter.

The fundraising event will run from July 10-20 on the grounds of the Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa in Mammoth, featuring traditional carnival rides, booths, games, food, local music, raffle prizes, and more.

Gimme Shelter aims to raise $60,000 for Wild Iris. The money will go toward securing a long-term safe haven shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children, as well as much needed services such as counseling, life skills, and job training.

“I think nobody wants to talk about domestic violence,” Richards said. But, she added, when she met Bains in 2012, Wild Iris had received 226 domestic violence-related hotline calls, provided 121 bed nights to victims of domestic violence and their children, and helped 42 families establish new homes when displaced due to domestic violence.

During Fiscal Year 2012-2013, according to Wild Iris Crisis Counselor Shelby Cook, 558 victims of domestic violence and sexual assault sought help through Wild Iris in both Inyo and Mono Counties.

Currently, the closest domestic violence shelters are in Carson City and Ridgecrest. Wild Iris offers temporary, emergency-only shelter for women and their children for one or two nights.

“We have no longer-term options for women in Inyo and Mono,” Cook said. “That’s why this is so important.”

“I’ve had a rough life myself, and I’d like to turn my pain into power and do something better for people,” Richards said. “I want to make a difference.”

Although she spearheaded the Gimme Shelter Carnival alone, Richards said the process has been surprisingly easy, given the outpouring of support from local businesses.

One example of that support is the raffle prize, which includes a Wave Rave snowboard, Community Skis custom pair of skis, Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa two-night stay, Resort Spa massage, and a Mammoth Mountain Ski Area season pass.

“I can truly say that this event is being created because of pure love,” Richards said. Given the backing she has received, “It’s been one of the easiest things I’ve done in my life.”

Richards will be selling Carnival and raffle tickets at Von’s beginning Friday afternoon.

Pre-sale Carnival tickets are $20 for 8-10 rides; tickets at the door are $25. All-day wristbands are $30, and raffle tickets are $25.

Pre-sale tickets are also available at Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa, Community Skis and Tail Waggers.

Those interested can donate to the Gimme Shelter Carnival through the Wild Iris website devoted to the event (

The Sheet – Gimme Shelter carnival to debut July 10

Wild Iris – Gimme Shelter Carnival
6 Jun, 2014

Words cannot express the gratitude that we feel toward the community for coming together for Gimme Shelter. The turnout for the carnival was astonishing and the support and kind words that we received each and every day of the event were so encouraging and uplifting! Thank you to all who donated your time, money and goodwill, and especially to Donna Richards…the force behind it all. Without her vision and dedication, none of this would have happened. We are still in the process of tallying the final total of what was raised, but we can say without a doubt, that we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

On behalf of our staff, our volunteers, our Board of Directors, and especially our clients, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out! You are the reason why Mammoth Lakes is such a remarkable community to live in!

Susi Bains
Director of Programs
Wild Iris

The first annual Gimme Shelter Carnival took place July 10th through July 20th, 2014, on the grounds of the Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa in Mammoth Lakes, California. The 10-day event featured traditional carnival rides, booths, games, food, local music, raffle prizes and more.

Wild Iris friend and community member Donna Richards planned and organized the carnival as a fundraiser to be able to provide a shelter for victims of domestic violence, something Mono County currently doesn’t have. We are so grateful to Donna for all of the work she has done to make the Gimme Shelter Carnival a reality. We look forward to providing a shelter to local victims, and also to attending the carnival again next year!!

Wild Iris – Gimme Shelter Carnival